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Massage Ends With Poop Extracting!

All this woman wants is to relax after a long week of hard work, so here she is in a spa! After stripping off her clothes and lying on her chest on the massage bed, a man starts giving her the relief she expects! However, she has already forgotten how good it felt and is struggling to contain the pleasure! Shortly after, she is turned around and continues getting massaged. At this point, she can no longer handle it and ends up pissing against her will! It started slow, but when she finally gave up in trying to hold it in, it immediately turned into a massive stream, not just wetting the massage therapist but as well as creating a massive mess!

Delicious Poop Of My Wife

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Lady Sandy – The Slave Introduction

A while ago Lady Sandy told her mother some secrets. Now, Lady Sandy shows her mother a toilet slave in reality . Because both just came from a riding session, they are still in riding boots which are quite dirty. Lady Sandys mother is not at all as passive as I had imagined and she gives the slave commands. She is very interested in trying out the whip. But they also like to take the nipple clamps and especially the brackets with the bells that hurt a lot.