Pee Spy Cam Acho

First Pantypoop Was An Epic One: Sale

I was making a pair of pooped panties for someone to pick up and thought, hey, maybe I should film this! ———————————————————–Unfortunately I thought this right at the last second so REALLY had to shit as I was setting up the camera and very nearly didn’t make it! I was SO relieved when it finally came out and creamily filled up my panties. —————————————————-I chat for a bit at the beginning then turn around so you can watch it happen! I lit you take a peek into the panties and show off the explosion of shit that got pushed up against my ass in the process. You KNOW I had fun making this one by how creamy my pussy is ;D 

Opportunistic Employee Fed With Piss And Feces!

Before this lady could relieve herself in the comfort room, she spots a man peeking inside! She proceeds to grab him and teach him a lesson he will not forget! At first, she strips him of his clothes and then wraps him in rope! After which, she lays him on the floor, inserts a makeshift funnel inside his mouth, and then urinates inside it! This left the victim with no choice but to swallow every drop of piss she can release! Eventually, when she is done pissing, she grabs a bowl, positions it on the floor, and then defecates inside of it! As soon as she finished, she grabs the guy by the hair and then makes him lick her asshole clean! Though, this isn’t the worst part! She later powerfully buries his face inside the bowl that contains a mixture of her piss and feces!

Shit, Piss And Pantyhose 25.2.2013

vomit, shit, piss pantyhose and that’s what leads me to orgasm

Dipper Shitting Again

Princess Nikki shits and piss in a dipper, then she puts it on slaves head! Very humilating action!