Pee Th Rough Panties Crossdresser

Spit And Piss Is The Only Fluids You Get!

Tina is visiting me, and my slave is placed between us head up. So we start feeding him with our precious saliva. We make sure that he swallow every precious drop of it. But Tina is a bit cruel, and use her gum to lock his lips, and we just keep spitting so it runs down his cheeks.But I need to pee, and I tell the lave to find his position on the floor. As I stand above him I let my precious pee find his mouth, actually I just pee, what he misses will be his problem anyhow. So when I am done, Tina order him to start swimming in the pee, before I tell him to lick every drop that he missed!

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The Pissing Show 4

Today you will get again a little piss-show me the different of 4 Pee clips besteht.Egal see if I’ll piss on my sexy ass, piss from a glass, high heels or rubber glove booze all you can see in this clip sehen.Wie You know I love piss and ginger and rum like it.