Pee Th Rough Stocking

Get My Smelly Diarrhea

So… How about you open up for this pretty ass? I can feel it cooking in there, that what you like, huh? You like thinking about turds cooking in sexy ass like this? I can feel it coming out of my ass. Phew, you can smell that? That’s my ass—that’s my stinky ASS, babe. That’s the smell of my shit coming from inside, right in your mouth. You ready for it? Honestly, I don’t care if you’re ready, you’re in for a whole lot of shit! Go on, stick your nose in there. Stick it right in my hole. You like that? Get a good whiff. Smell that shit, it’s coming out—gonna poke your nose. Go on, stick your face in that stinky shit. You gotta worship that shit before you eat it. And that’s what I tell you, worm. You’re gonna come here every day for a portion of shit. And I KNOW you’ll always be coming back for more, you fucking loser.

Banquet For A 3-course Toilet Slave

Banquet for a 3-course toilet slave. Yesterday my princesses used me again. Yana was the most smelly and sweet – she cooked for me a huge sticky and very sweet pile! The first treat I took from Christina – with a powerful fart she dumped my face to her shit, which I very quickly ate, because I love the taste of her shit! The second treat I received from Yana – her shit was thick and sticky, swallowing it was the most difficult since there was a lot of it, every time I swallowed a new portion my mouth immediately filled with a new one. Last meal I took from Amina – a small piece of hard shit and a large portion of urine, I did not want to drink so much urine, especially at the end, when I was filled with shit, but Amina wanted me to drink all of her urine. At the beginning of the video, the girls used my mouth to brush their feet – it was very pleasant to spend time with them – they laughed and talked about their women’s affairs! I knew that at this moment they strongly want to shit and wait. After talking to the girls decided who will go to the toilet first, second and last.


Just in the winter one has too look for good feeding for the slaves.Therefore I went to the basement and took my slave up for feedingtime.He was bound to the cross and with 10 kg weight on his balls he was fedwith my caviar. After that, he was surprised with some clamps,ballbusting and cbt! I think he is fed up for the next days.(scat, cbt, ballbusting, slave vomit, spitting, nipple play, femdom,female domination)