Pee Though Clo The Camera

Lady Missy – Gardentoilet P3

The human toilet is continue used of Lady Missy. She has to pee and poop again and shits a pretty big pile of shit in his toilet mouth. The toilet slaves mouth is full of Lady Missys shit now.

Alina Shitting After A * Bachelorette Party *

In the evening, Alina ate a lot. She was invited to a hen-party in honor of her friend’s wedding. She ate a lot of different, delicious food, which was mixed in Alina’s stomach and left her ass at 3 o’clock in the morning. Alina experienced a joyous relief, when out of her ass came a huge pile of shit with fart.

Alina Unloaded A Large Pile Of Shit On The Slave’s Chest And Fed

Alina unloaded a large pile of shit on the slave’s chest and fed. What can be more delicious for a toilet slave than a huge pile of smelly shit from Alina? Only morning shit from Alina! Alina feeds the slave from the spoon, and the slave eats with pleasure every last drop of smelly morning shit!