Pee Usa Toilet

Subby Bbw’s Scat Torture. Part 1

Second scat adventure of sub girl Anastasia. She still hates scat andthat’s why allows to humiliate herself in all filthy and rotten way onemind can get to.Maybe one day scat will become her favorite dish, but surely nottoday. or not tomorrow, however she is flattered by the love of scatfans and decides to go on her extreme and filthy journey..So let us present ]second part of incredible adventures of submissivescat slut. This time dirtier, longer and better.Enjoy

I Just Let It Run – Golden Shower Pure

Did you ever have to piss so badly and just couldn’t hold it anymore? Today I had extreme pressure on my bladder and just let it run ml. It was a total relief for me to empty my bladder without having to worry about anything.

Enslaved Client Drinks Piss! – Full Movie

After watching two women dance in a strip bar, this man couldn’t keep his hands to himself! He goes to their dressing room to invite them for some real action in a hotel room. However, before he could tell them his intentions, they cuff his hands and then render him unconscious! They then bring him to a more secluded place where they proceed to wake him up and have him drink a glass filled with their piss! After he swallows every drop, they lay him on his back on the floor and then take turns rubbing their crotches and pussies on his mouth! He enjoys it but the sensation doesn’t last long since the women follow with sitting on his body and stomping all over him until he is rendered completely defeated!

Bathing In Shit

Of me smearing licking and bathing my beautiful body in my luscious brown. I shit in my hand and wipe myself up and down, all over my body.I start with having to urgently shit after holding it all day! I undress and get in the bathtub to enjoy myself with candlelight and a cold beer. I grunt and push my hot load into my hand and begin rubbing my sweet shit all over my huge tits and stomach. I end up needing more shit to moisturize my entire body with so I grunt and grunt and after not having anymore shit leave my beautiful ass hole I take my hand and reach inside myself and scoop and scrap more out to fulfill my need for more. I sooth my lily white skin with my delicious dump from head to toe including my face, shoulders, arms, tits, stomach, pussy, ass, legs and even to my feet and even in between my toes and in my arm pit. There’s times I prolapse while grunting so for those of you who like a nice rosebud….. It’s in here! AND FOR THE ADDED BONUS!!!!! I get pissed on so I can wash my wonderful caramel off me. I drink his piss and really rub his golden dream all over me. My tits, stomach, pussy, face and legs. The piss just streams into my mouth and even shoots me in the eye … lolENJOY Everyone!!