Pee While Deep

Morning Pee Cock Fucked

How cool was that? My overnight guest surprise me in the bathroom on the toilet, wants to sip my last drop of pee and lick myself to orgasm. Then he puts me his plump morning latte in my soaking wet pussy and fuck me. He pisses me his warm beam directly into my horny cunt and squirts also from … hammer horny mixture of cum and pee then runs out of my pussy.

On All Fours!

I haven’t done a clip of me pooping on my hands and knees in a while! Come watch me get on all fours while I shit out a huge load and piss all over the floor! After pooping, I pick up the scat with my bare hands and dump it in the toilet before flushing…you guys get two marvelous views as I used two cameras from different angles 😉

The New Slave And Its Challenges Part 5

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