Pee While Fuvked

Swallow, Savor The Mix Of Shit

All time sagging on the hook with shit in his mouth, ears and nose, Angela without. I’ll take advantage of that. Fuck her without lubrication in the ass, put an anal pump. I want her to shit herself. Yeah, that’s it, push, shit, shit more. Now, for shitting on the floor, You’re gonna eat all that shit. My shit is in your mouth and your shit. Mouth full of shit, cheeks swollen chew, swallow, savor the mix of shit. You’ll learn to eat shit from me today! Will do you a mask out of shit to beauty. Jerk off, I want you to cum and feed you cum and shit. Yes, today is my holiday.

Mistress Gaia – Under The Desk

While I’m working with my computer, my doormat complains of being hungry, I can satisfy him, because I got a certain urge to go to the bathroom … without moving from my desk … after having adored my ass, he will receive a good dose of hot chocolate in his mouth that he will appreciate for the excellent taste 🙂

Shitting In A Wineglass

In fetish costume so sexy i shitting in a big wineglass!! A very long sausage,so near you can see in best quality……come eat my brown dessert Slave!! a delicacy of a special kind!!