Peed On And Chokes

Shit On You

American women says she needs to do a big shit in the toilet, but does not make the toilet and shits in here living room. Nice viewpoint from below as she shits.

Ass Bath Drinking With Spits

Everyone knows the meaning of the word Foot Bath… it’s a useful treatment for tired, sweaty or dry feet (a bath for cleansing, warming, soothing, or disinfecting the feet). Consequently, it’s not so hard to guess what the word Ass Bath could mean :). Alessia feels a persistent itch around the anus… maybe the last time she didn’t washed it sufficiently. So, she takes off her pants (and underpants) and begins to wash her magnificent ass with great care in a basin containing mineral water (Ferrarelle mineral water for an ass bath? How many vices beautiful Alessia! :). Having finished the ass cleaning operation, Alessia hands the basin full of dirty water to a toilet slave, who bets to be able to taste the odd beverage. To make it even more revolting Alessia spits (saliva and catarrh ’cause Alessia had the flu that day) in the same bowl of the infamous ass bath. Can our actor drink all without throwing up? Will he be able to do it for ItalScat fans?

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