Peed Pants In Public

Toilet Scat From Mistress Nikole

I’m shitting in the mouth slave. Now you will always be my toilet. Come to my closet and eat all my shit. Swallow shit and lick my ass, my toilet.

Shitting On Boxes At Work!

I’m at my day job again and this time I decide to get a little adventurous in the employee bathroom 😉 Watch me take a huge dump on boxes stacked up on the floor! After doing the do, I collect the poo and flush it all down the toilet…

Thick Hard Sausage

Hmmm, I press for you a thick hard sausage through my tight asshole!

Miss Flowers Order

I have just my toilet slave sent to Miss Flowers that she trains my toilet slave a little bit more. Miss Flowers is very strict and allowed no joke. She enjoy it to shit a big bunch in his mouth.