Peehole Fuck Insertions

Shit Lover

On the eve of the new delicacies from the mistress, the slave is ready to lick my dirty shoes with his tongue and swallow my spits. The slave is just my toy and should not have desires and whims. He must do what I want with no end. For example, if I want to get my ass was licked, the slave must do it. So in this video, the slave first licks my asshole and then I shit in his toilet mouth. A stream of my diarrhea drips down his face. He feels these terrible smells and should not be disgusted. But only enjoy and tolerate humiliation from the mistress Emily.

Giantess Corn Poop

Didn’t I tell you not to come into my house again, little man? You weak, pathetic fool. I know you can’t resist my big beauty, but are you really a match for me? I could just crush you right now with my feet…. right in between my toes. Was it worth the risk in coming back again? No, because I’m going to have to teach you a lesson this time. A VERY valuable lesson. A lesson you are going to remember for days and days and days. HAHAHA. You see that bowl of corn over there? I’m going to plop you right in there and eat you up! You will experience true agony as you get slowly digested through my body. Oh, what pain you are going to feel! You will be going through hell right up until the point where I shit you back out! HAHAHAHA. Maybe this will teach you a thing or two about obeying my wishes. I told you not to fuck with me, little man!

Shit Me Two Times Baby

Princess Nikki shits two times on her slave in this clip. Once she orderes him to rub all her yummy shit in his face!