Peehole Lick Man

Big Smelly Diarrhea

As any slave you have to learn to be the perfect toilet for me. Using slaves as toilets is primarily a convenience. All toilets must absorb shit from my ass and recycle them before it goes to the sewer. The mouth of a slave should not be closed while I use it, and you can not communicate with a slave like a human. It’s not a human – it’s just a Toilet Hole for humanity. I have become comfortable enough to use the toilet so you see a slave reduced to real toilet service, serving as nothing but a consumer for my shit on the way to the city sewer system through of his body. If he’s experienced enough, he’s eating all my shit until I’m sure of it. The slave lies there with a massive shit spreading over its face while my perfect ass stays suspended over its face with diarrhea waiting to drop. You will see a close-up of my perfect ass and you can masturbate, imagining yourself in the place of my toilet. Would you like to get more shit? Are you sure you can handle this? I’ll definitely prepare something for you, and you’ll suffocate from disgusting smell, TOILET PIG!

Scatqueens Dessert P2

The two Scatqueens are chilling and talking. In between one of the Scatqueen is shitting and spitting on the small plate. The toilet slaves always eats everything and licks it off. So that the slave does not mess, a sabber cloth offers him the necessary protection, hahaha.

Pee And Poop Fun 2

Again it was time to prove I do still know how to use a regular bathroom toilet instead of a slave’s mouth. However my slave’s tongue and mouth was not spared humiliation completely. Watch several scenes shot over 9 days of me taking different types of shit in the toilet. Some loads were creamy, others were very think and big loads. My last shit was a very revolting creamy one making a smearing mess of my anus and inner buttocks. My slave was mistaken if he thought I’m going to use toilet paper on my perfect dirty anus. That’s what his pathetic tongue is for. You’ll notice I got pretty wet pushing out that last revolting load as I planned for him to lick my ass clean afterwards. He had to really work his tongue in deep and lick hard to get my ass clean. Thank heavens I have a real man in my life as well as this loser with his toilet tongue licking my shitty asshole clean. It’s so good to know you always have a soft, wet tongue licking your ass clean after a shit instead of the dry toilet paper. Usually a clip with scenes like these where someone push out such big loads sell for more BUT as a thank you to all my loyal supporters I’m running a special selling this clip with several of these scenes of me taking big shits for the lower price ;-* Note: I will try as far as possible to upload new video clips every 48 to 72 hours. Xoxo

Shitting In Diaper

You want to see how I carried in my kacke diaper? It suits me right?