Peein Her Pants

Slave Girl First Time Creamed With Caviar – Part 2

The with caviar creamed slave girl must now be cleaned. A task that the watchful slaves have long been waiting for. Greedy they lick the shit of the mistresses from the body of the slave girl. When do you as a slave get such a meal served in such a delicious way? Every part of the horny body of the slave girl they want to cleanse with their tongues.For so much zeal, the slave girl recognizes and shits one of the slaves in his mouth. What of shit he can not swallow, she spreads on his body and cock. And as the grand finale, she jerks his cock rubbed with shit until he squirts. And all under the benevolent gaze of the mistresses who visibly enjoy this sight.

I Begged My Mistress To Shit On My Face! – Part 2

She puts my wrists in cuffs, making me helpless. Then she sits on my face and makes me lick her asshole, stimulating her anus to produce the shit I’m really desperate to receive.

Shit In The Rain Femdom P2

The slave has to walk behind his Mistress Michelle like a dog again and at once Mistress Michelle has to pee and use the mouth of the slave for that, swallow all my piss slave…

You Should Be Here

I waited all day to have some peace and quiet so I could relax and let this big load go. Most of it comes out pretty quick in a loud and messy way with a good bit of gas. Then I had to strain and push for a while to get that last little bit out. While I’m doing that, I’m telling you how pissed off I am that I have to be the one to clean up! You should be here to clean my dirty ass and make sure it’s nice and clean! I give you a close up look at the wipes that are covered in my brown mess and then put the camera right over the toilet to let you see the mess I made before I flush it down. Enjoy … but remember next time I want you here to smell it all and to clean me up!!!