Peeing And Shitting In Pants

Urine In Bed

I sl**t. My girlfriend wants to w**e me u*, that would go pee. I do not want to get up and continue to drink water. I can not bear it and pee in my jeans. The entire bed becomes wet. I sniff the bed. You stink strong. Now I have to sleep on a wet bed.

Scat Blowjob

Maisy alone in the bathroom is a bit boring. So she decided to shit and to play with her shit. After a while her boyfriend comes in and she gave him a dirty blowjob full of scat.

Now You Are Officially A Toilet Part 4 Samantha

This is our Movie that consumed a Lot of Resources to make it the Way we wanted. And still…2 Guys are looking for work and find Nicole that hires them as permanent Toilets and short Time later, they find themselves tied up under the Toilet in a Club. Here they are with no Option left other then swallow all this Poop coming their Faces WayEnglish Subtitles