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Boss Drinking A Glass Of Piss!

This woman has exhausted all her patience for her boss! So in this situation, when she is ordered to get him a drink, she comes back with a small cup instead! She then puts it on his table where she proceeds to urinate inside it before handing it over to him! At this point, the guy who is caught off-guard gets scared, so he becomes submissive and drinks it instead! When he has gulped down every last drop of its contents, he is left alone!

Princess Mia

Mia is the most beautiful model of our studio. She is fond of humilating men and loves turning them into her slaves. Humiliation,Scat,Piss,Shit,Smearing

Mouthful Of Shit!

All she wants for her 21st birthday is two slaves who will serve her all night! Her parents are very open-minded and thus she got her wish on the night of her birthday; in her room are two willing men ready to do her bidding! Wearing her brand new lingerie and sharp heels, she sits on each of their faces and dumps the shit she’s been gathering in her for the past couple of days! She unloads the foul mound on his face, as if placing an ornament on it! Next, she shits right on the floor and commands her slaves to eat it, all of it!

Solo Scat Girls -serena

Serena urinate in different places and in different positions and she intestines empty. In which she push out her thick, hot shit from her rosettes. Pretty faces with shit spots.