Peeing And Spanked

The Best!mia Toilet Slavery

The best!Mia and Toilet Slavery Scat Piss Smearing Facesitting.Best way for a Mistress to use her toilet slave is to sit on his face with her full body weight with her anus tightly pressed with his open mouth. It is desirable to secure hands and legs of the slave so that he is unable to disturb his mistress during the act. This way Mistress can push down her offering down the throat of his slave effortlessly. In such a situation the help less slave is left with no other option other than gulping down his Mistresses shit to avoid choking.In this process since mistress’ anus is tightly pressed to slave’s open mouth no bad smell comes out and a perfectly odor free toilet experience for the mistressMoreover, in this process, Mistress need not to see her filth, as by the time she will lift herself from the face of the slave, slave’s mouth will be stain free !

Filthy Pool Of Shit! – Full Movie

The new girl in the swim team is invited to a pool party so she can bond with her senior teammates. Of course she is excited and is expecting a fun pool party with some drinks. When she got to the party, it wasn’t all what she expected. The girls are waiting for her to get in the pool and get filthy! As part of her welcome and initiation, the senior girls collected their shit earlier and which they are now smearing at the new girl! They smear it all over her face and body, stinking up her new hot swimsuit! They also engaged in some hot lesbian shit while they are at it!

Anus Pushes & Farting!

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