Peeing Ballerina

Extreme Slave-piss In My Mouth! Surprise From My Girlfriend Dirty-priscilla!

Here my girlfriend, Dirty-Priscilla, had invited a slave for me, who can piss awful lot and a long time! Because she knows that I also like to swallow piss.Because she knows that I also like to swallow piss. So she brought the slave to me as a surprise and he pissed me, under the astonished eyes of Dirty Priscilla, a huge amount, hot piss in my mouth. Of course, I completely swallowed these. Well what do you think I get my girlfriend also to swallow piss!?!

Lady Yuna-scat Mush Eating

A special breakfast for my slave. He has to take my big morning business, including the full amount of morning urine. To mix both nicely, I put a huge funnel in his mouth. There is no escape for him at all and nothing can go wrong. First, the big turd makes its way into his mouth, followed by smaller turds.Then I piss the full bladder completely empty. It forms a nice, brown porridge. My slave swallows this mush sip by sip. For additional motivation he also gets some blows with the whip and the paddle. Unfortunately, he does not manage everything. But he actually swallowed a lot of it. It will surely be more next time.

Japanese Porn Star Fuck And Pee 2-8

There is a famous Japanese porno star fucking hard and nice pee.

Can’t Hold It In

I can’t hold in this shit anymore, i’m eager to go! look at the shit that comes out of me!