Peeing Boxer Briefs

Mistress Gaia – Funnel Gag

I dislike losers aren’t able to drink all my pee, without missing any drop… Actually I hate that kind of slaves. So I decide to use a funnel gag with you. The right item for the perfect situation. I really have to evacuate all my pee… and now I’m sure I’ll do it all the way in your mouth…

Tm Time For Bed Dumps Iphone

After long days at work TM is ready for bed but not before she drops her healthy thick logs out of that bubbly beautiful ass of hers into the toilet bowl. 2 clips of TM doing what she does best!!!

Poop Sessions On Couch Part 1

Girls Uses Man

Dianas Idea Of Shitting Part3

Both ladies like to see that the toiletslave swallow all her shit, and help him a litte in a special way.