Peeing Her Self Fear

Shitting Ass, Shitty Lips

my girlfriend is a BBW, loves shit, shit loves, loves to smudge. Today she first touched his lips to the shit.

Hot Shitty Hand Job

My first shitty hand job mixed with spit. I shit on his dick then took my hugh turd an rub it all on his bbc. He was so turned on by me stroking his dick it didn?t take him long to exploded right in my shitty hands after I mixed my shit wit my spit. I really enjoyed making this for you Scat freaks.Stacey Shortxoxoxo

Lesbo Bitches Creates A Disgusting Shit Shampoo! – Hd Full Movie

HD – They’re not in the shower to get clean…they’re in there to get dirty! This has got to be the most disgusting shower I’ve ever seen! They kiss and make out in there and they take turns peeing on a plastic bowl. The first girl bends down so the other chick can pour the warm yellow liquid all over her! Now they’re going to soap each other using scat…

Enema And Big Shit!

Daisy pats her stomach with her hand, showing just how bloated she is. She’s obviously full and needs to give herself an emema to get all the shit out.’If the shit won’t come out itself, then I’ll bring it out!’A regular girl would probably then go and sit on the toilet, but a seriously dirty girl like Daisy just pulls her jeans back up over her shapely butt! She knows what’s gonna hapen, but she needs to feel it inside her pants!Then in a big juicy squelchy fart, the back of Daisy’s jeans quickly darken, followed by lots more bubbly farts, as the enema and then the poop empty into her jeans.’OMG, oh my tummy!’ Daisy’s tummy hurts, but there is also that wonderful feeling of relief and the glorious warmth of shit in her pants.’Oh yes! I shit my pants but I don’t care! That feels so good – I love it… the mess! Fuck yeah!’Daisy is such a filthy girl!