Peeing In Bathroome

Slave Swallows An Explosive Diarrhea With A Powerful Fart

Slave swallows an explosive diarrhea with a powerful fart. At the request of users, Alina drank a laxative before going to bed and ate 1 can of boiled peas. Dressing the slave had to eat all that Alina would unload into panties. This is one of the most smelly videos we shot. The slave with great pleasure eats terribly stinking diarrhea Alina.

2 Users Pissed Marie And Me In The Mouth!

My sweet teeny girlfriend Marie-Skyler and I had invited two users and they wanted to piss us both together in our greedy mouths. No problem, so the user AssLover17 and the user MartinoBang visited us. We two horny women have then squatted us next to each other and the two pissed us at the same time in our mouths. Have each beautifully the spicy piss of the two swallowed and given us horny piss kisses! We both tasted, the two spicy pee of the men!

Mistress Roberta – Daily Breakfast – Pov

Today I am preparing you the daily breakfast as always even if you are there or not i am doing the breakfast and you will come to take it anytime so first i pee in the jar and after i shit on the floor at the end the wiping paper all set and they are waiting for you .

Human Toilet

a very obedient slave is unable to handle all she has to give