Peeing In Carmelo

Abusive Boss Has To Drink Piss! – Part 2

Eventually, the lady feeds the man with her pussy and then starts urinating in his mouth! This left him swallowing a couple of mouthfuls of her piss! Shortly after, she gets off of him, but only to continue pissing inside a glass! She then hands it to the victim and makes him drink every drop of it! When he is done, she performs her finale which is smothering him until he becomes completely exhausted from desperately grasping for his breath!

Eating Miss Ericas Shit

Erica’s new slave is shy and needs to be trained. Erica begins the training with him under her shit chair and shits in his mouth (unseen) and orders him to eat it by calling him names and demanding that he doesn’t waste any of her chocolate nuggets and golden piss.Her slave ends up getting a mouthful and then a surprise! For his first training session, he is teased by a wad of Erica’s Pearly Cum dangling over his head. Does Mistress Erica give him some of her sweetness for his well behaved training session?

Slave,eat My Very Long And Thick Shit

My longest shit i the last time…..come open your mouth and eat my big shit 6cm thick and 20cm long!! haha Slave,you have Problem,what?you Looser!!!