Peeing In Desl

Alexandra Poo Used Toilet Slave

I use the male slave as a living toilet for the first time in this video. I humiliate him and raise him with a whip. You have to clean my shoes, stupid slave. You gotta lick my asshole and suck the heels while I’m smoking. Lie on your back and open your mouth. Have fun – eat my shit!

After Breakfast, A Giant Shit In Closeup

Wow came, but once again a huge portion of my brown gold for you too 🙂 Horny close up, at the end You can view the events on the ground 🙂

Ebonyfetish 12 Nasty Days Of Christmas Day 6

It’s Day 6 and my slave has the nerve to be wearing a Bah Humbug t-shirt. What do I think about his lack of holiday spirit? I think I should take a HUGE shit all over him and his shirt … so I do! One of the biggest dumps I’ve gotten on camera in a while and it’s all over his shirt.

College Girls Rayn And Dookie Film Each Other In The Toilet

College girls Rayn and Dookie film each other in the toilet