Peeing In Front Of Group

No Way Out

Today I showed a slave that he is not with me at the petting zoo.A session is pulled through for me without any ifs and buts.This slave thought he could escape with a stop-word of the situation. His grief begins as I realize that I have to poop.It was not over until I fed him with my caviar, but then I let him lick his own vomit and my shit out of his bowl.His bitching and whining I cast him, he was of the opinion that he could not swallow my shit, he has passed over again and wanted to give up. But not with me!Ultimately I do the decisions about all my slaves! And when I say that the shit is eaten up completely then that will also be made​​, no matter how much sick of this slave. Then he must just eat his own vomit again and again!

Scat In Pink Italy

142.1 Scat in pink from italy, Mistress Isabella with a very exiting pink/fuxia coset let her slave to do her wc directly in the mouth.

Delicious Chocolate Pralines Pressed

Some tasty chocolate balls and do a horny sausage ball. What could be better? Right …. You can look at me if rausdrücken * fg * Slightly hotter there is not 😉