Peeing In Public By Cell Phone

3 Times Piss-thunderstorm For A Slave-mouth!

Here I pissed, together with my girlfriends Dirty Priscilla and mini-hotcore, another slave, in his mouth! We three have him extremely filled with our delicious piss. First, Mini pissed the slave in the mouth. Then Priscilla pissed the slave in the mouth. And finally I pissed the slave in the mouth. Since he came to his limits, in the third load of Women-Pee, I pissed him then even on his stiff cock! If you also want to taste our delicious piss, then get in touch with us!

Part 1.princess Anabelle And Toilet Slavery

Toilet bowl for Princess.MorningEvening :)Part 2.Princess Anabelle and Toilet Slavery

Mistress Luna Order Toilet To Drink Piss

Another EPIC movie with Mistress Luna. Today, she call her good friend, and they will use both the toilet slave for many tasks. First Mistress use her toilet and allow him to stroke his cock, make it hard for her, and cumm. She teasing him with her pantyhose and boots but slave cannot cumm. For that he will be punished and will remain in chastity and in her jail a few days. Then the both Goddesses piss in glass, on slave, in his face, mouth and body as a nice relieve for them. Slave must drink all and he will clean everything on the sheet with his mouth and tongue. A great new movie with Mistress Luna.

Double Diarrhea

Double diarrhea