Peeing In The Ladies Room

Lady M Foot Worshipping And Scat Eating

Lady M make another combined movie : cbt and scat feeding. Today she was dressing in a seethrough catsuit and she beat her slave, trampling him and using him as ponny. She ballbusting him and humiliate him hard before she put him in bathtub with his mouth wide open.Very kinky, hardcore and bizarre Lady !

Lady Darlin Playing With Her Slave

Lady Darlin is back again, this time with better new look, a cameraman for their shows and a new image quality of their movies. She keep sharing her toilet playing with us and she use and humiliate her toilet more kinky. She use and humiliate her toilet today, shitting in his mouth, oblige him to clean her dirty asshole, sucking his cock, smother and facesitting him and pushing her asshole directly on his open mouth.

Feeding My Slave

Taking a shit in my slaves mouth and lets him eat it.

Monster Poop At Work!

I’m doing the night shift at work and of course, I have to poop! I have been taking a lot of fiber lately and damn is this a gigantic shit! If only I hadn’t taken the shit in the toilet bowl…if I had shit on the floor instead, you would have seen how big of a pile it was! Not to worry, you can still see the monster as it sits in the toilet, huge!!!