Peeing In Wardrobe

Mistress Gaia – Scat Suffocation – Hd Version

CUSTOM REQUEST – MALE slave. With you FULL NUDE – REVERSE FACESITTING. Please use a belt during the full video for making him be smothered by your noisy and wet farts (and your shit) of your ass. I also would like to have a view on your feet when you are sitting on him and his legs, or any position that you are doing to him. They are nasty and sexy and I love facesitting. Lots of farts loud and wet, you can shit as much as you want on him and suffocate him with the shit by facesitting him and farting. Don’t hesitate to be rude when you are facesitting or farting or shitting, and using the belt for pushing him hard on you. When you are shitting and making him suffer. Please use a side view so I can see the shit on him, and you sitting on him without any chance to escape. During the full video, suffocate him long time, like 50-60 consecutive secondes by blocking nose and mouth with your ass and also the belt. He’s attached and tied down like he’s unable to move. you have him tied down so tightly, he can’t escape. Smother him good, as the slave struggles and gasps for air, you just won’t let him to get any. Your slave is trying to beg for you to stop sitting on his face, but you just don’t stop and keep smothering him while continuing to be rude and fart on him…

Mistress Roberta- Today’s Morning Breakfast -pov

this morning you will get a very fast breaffast but very creammy in alot of pee and you must eat it from the toilet directly like a pig !

Seduced Into Being Her Toilet

One of these days, your silent attraction to Black girls will lead you down a rabbit hole… Today is his day!Drinks at an NYC bar turned into a trip to My basement for this guy. From the way he watch My ass in My tight, green leggings, I knew I could lead him down the sticky road.He didn’t even fight Me when I tied him up. Soon, I understood My ass was all he needed to follow instructions and become My toilet paper!