Peeing Japnese

Amazing Scat Threesome. Part 2

AstraCelestial team proudly presents. Introducing Lilith and Bonny in extreme scat BDSM actionIn this video you will see tonns of scat comming from the asses.. We have counter around 10 defecation acts. We used everything we had, enemas, tongues, grapes, fingers, hairs.. everything.. Shitting on hairs? Easy! Crazy anal play? Why not!When our insane trio are having sex – shit is flying to all directions. There is all kind of pervert scat activity in this video, Three of us enjoy having time together creating mess and filthy impressions all over around.Everything has to suffer with covering by shit – walls, sofa, floors, us. So watch yourself what happened with us this time.

Mistress Gaia – Scat In His Doghouse – Hd Version

I arrive early at my dungeon to attend to my slave. He has spent all night in his kennel. I had it specially made for disobedient slave’s like him. He’s going to have to earn his release to be allowed out. Therefore, I’m giving him some training and decided to see how good his nose is. So I ordered him to get sniffing, beginning with my feet. As we progress with his sniffing training, it looks like he may be enjoying my beautiful scent. I tell him to continue and I may allow him to progress. I can see my slave is getting excited, so I remove my panties and allow him the ultimate luxury, to sniff my beautiful pussy and ass. I know he’s hungry, so I’m going to give him a little treat. My bitch puppy is going to enjoy eating my shit. I get him to lie on his back, while I straddle over his head. As I relieve myself, he has to keep his mouth open wide to enjoy my delicious shit. As he’s so excited and wants to cum, I allow allow him to play with his cock. Of course he can’t cum without my permission. He has to finish eating all my shit first. I watch and laugh at him aimlessly pulling on his limp cock, as he coughs and chokes trying to swallow my delicious shit…

Double Shit Today

today is a day as everyday. outside the rain is falling, inside the cats are shiting at a slave. First domi cat, then kimi cat, then domi cat again. some pissing inbetween, lucky slave swollows all, thats inside, outside the rain is fallingwhat a boring day for everyone exept the cats and the slave while outside the rain is falling inside the cats are shitting!

Face Sitting And Shitting Party Part 4

Here our Girls came together to have some Fun. Then Pooping starts, with the Girls sitting on his Forehead with their Butthole over his Mouth. Now ‘OPEN WIDE’ Part 4 with Chrystal. English Subtitles