Peeing Ladies En Toilet

Mistress Emily – Giant Shit In The Pants

It was very stunning. I’ll shit in the pants and you can see my slippery smelly shit close up. Oh, it looks very desired. Thereafter my toilet slave come to me and kiss my legs and my shoes. I LOVE to watch him squirm to please me. I do not care if he wants to or not, but he needs to sniff my dirty panties and lick my shit off the floor. When he finished cleaning my shoes with his tongue, I poked his face in the shit. I used it instead of a chair, called him humiliating and insulting words, spit in his mouth and piss on him. This video is intended for every toilet slave’s, who dreams of being a toilet for his Mistress.

She Couldn’t Hold Her Pee Anymore!

She has this rare medical condition in which she’s having a hard time holding her pee. Until she’s cured, they advise her to wear a diaper everytime she goes out. But she forgets to do this when goes for a coffee run this morning so the expected happened; she had to pee all over her pants! Her friend reprimanded her for not wearing a diaper before going out so they make her lie down in bed like an infant and slap a diaper around her bum.

Fart And Poop

Wow!!! Amazing fart and poop from my wife’s ass hole.

Scat Love Story – Direct Into Mouth By Emilia And Natasha

Super Top Girl Emilia Is Back. This Time She Meet With Natasa. Very Nice Love Scat Movie With This Two Girls. Starting With Big Ass Licking And After Big Scat Session 3 Times Pull Out Scat Direct Into Mouth Of Natasha. Pee And All Included!!