Peeing Living Roll

Let Me Piss Your Cock And Lick Clean – Pee Pur

I just love kinky sex, and especially when he is connected with pee. Come and let and have dirty sex together where I piss on your cock and then lick him clean and bring to cum.

Mistress Roberta – Fountain Of Shit -pov

Today my ass becomes an hot fountain of shit that waits to flow directly into your mouth my toilet slave so open wide that mouth so you can swallow all that big pile of shit i have done and clean also the floor from the little shit drops thrown by farting while pooping and after lick clean my ass.

Morning Ritual! – Hd Only

She’s been having problems taking a dump for a couple of days now and she knows she has to bring it out for health’s sake. So she heads to the bathroom, hikes down her shorts and panties, and sits on the toilet bowl. She spends precious minutes grunting hard on the bowl to make the shit come out. After a few agonizing minutes, nuggets of shit slowly crawls out of her asshole and drops on the bowl underneath her. Heaving a sigh of relief, she wipes herself clean with tissue paper, slides her clothes on, and goes out of the bathroom.

Drink My Piss And Clean My Pussy!

He’s lied down on the floor with a funnel ready for his Mistress golden nectar deposits. His Goddess Mistress deposits her sweet juice into shit mouth and he drank it all like a thirsty slave. He was then ordered to clean his Mistress pussy after they way she likes it and he did as he was told. Mistress is happy and so is he.