Peeing On Couch While Shes The Phone

Poo In Bed

poo in bed

Mistress Roberta – Farting Before Strong Shit Play-full

Today my pot will get a bit of farting in order to wait for his meal and some facesitting the two things he loves so much being under my ass and smell and eat what ever comes out and after some time farting and sitting on his face i decide to pee on his body and shit in his mouth .After pee and shit i gather all the shit was on the floor and put it back in his mouth and after i let him play with his shit making himself all full with shit and i let him play in his shit again alone .

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Thin Shit Fart Fart Pee Before Going To Bed

It growled and I really just wanted to go to bed .. but, again erstma Klo.Und because we went back ma bang, whoosh, the diarrhoe has to go, with multiple farts he can accompany himself 🙂 And .. this woman has what always … well .. the piss for ending. also presents the Shitty at the end 🙂