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Certified Mean Nurse! – Part 2

This is the part where she gets really nasty! She sits on their faces one after the other and makes them eat her cunt just the way she wants them! Afterwards she shits on them and threatens to shit some more if they didn’t sign the contracts.

Omg She Shit Herself!

Danni is looking forward to a night of hot sex with her boyfriend, and is keen to make a good impression, but things don’t turn out quite the way she planned!All goes well at first, and she soon gets him very turned on – kissing quickly turns to touching and then to oral sex, with Danni showing him just what a sexy girl she can be. She knows that very soon he’ll be fucking her brains out, and she can hardly wait, but there’s just one little problem – a nagging ache in her tummy that just won’t go away.She knows she needs to go to the bathroom, but now is hardly the time to interrupt and possibly spoil everything. If she stops now he might lose interest and not want to fuck her, so she presses on regardless. She regrets not going before they started, but there’s not much she can do about it now. Besides, he’s not the only one who is turned on. Her pussy is wet and ready, and a bathroom break now would certainly kill the mood.With her boyfriend’s cock now rock hard, Danni turns onto her hands and knees, all too eager to be fucked doggy style. He slips his fingers into her panties to check that she’s ready, but just then the cramps return with a vengeance. She does her best to hold back, but Danni is about to discover that she’s gonna have that bathroom break anyway, whether she wants to or not!But it’s not the kind of bathroom break she was thinking about – this one’s going to happen right there and then in her white panties!Danni’s boyfriend can’t believe his eyes. There he is with his cock all hard and ready to have sex with his girlfriend, when all of a sudden she starts to poop herself! How is it possible? There’s a big bulge growing in the back of her panties, and the smell of her accident fills the air. Nothing like this has ever happened to him before – how could his sexy girlfriend mess herself right before sex!Danni is mortified and totally distraught. She tries to apologize and begs him not to go, but it’s no good. Her fears of killing the mood have come true in the most embarrassing way imaginable. Her boyfriend is too disgusted with her to even stay, and leaves her alone on the bed in her messy shame.Danni can’t believe what’s she done, and is on the verge of tears. She reaches around to feel just how bad her accident is, and is shocked at just how big the poop bulge is. Something good though – she no longer has tummy cramps, and the poop does feel kinda warm and pleasant sitting snugly between her butt cheeks. And her pussy is still wet too from all that foreplay!To her own surprise, Danni realises that not only does she still feel sexy, but the warm load in her panties has got her pussy even wetter than before!Thinking about the fuck she never got, Danni starts to mash the poop against her butt, and spread it through her panties. She knows it’s a totally dirty thing to do, but she can’t keep her hands away from her mess, and begins to masturbate and finger herself. She may have missed out on her boyfriend’s cock, but she’s never felt hornier than she does now, with a load of poop in her panties!Danni continues to play with herself, getting messier by the minute. Her poop goes everywhere, including on her tits, but nothing can stop this dirty girl from enjoying herself. Eventually she shudders to a wonderful climax, but just like many other dirty girls, she is immediately overcome by the shame of what’s she’s just done – sitting there in her filthy mess wondering what kind of girl she really is.

Mercy Overdue Part 1 Valery

This Movie also known as ‘Under my Butt…’ is one of the highes complimented Videos we have. The Girls went a Bit overboard using the poor Slave. English Subtitles

First Time Feeding For Latoya Wmv

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