Peeing On Guy

Shit In Shorts 4

I’m starting to shit. this I do in my denim shorts. my shit can be seen close-up. Denim shorts are full of crap. I am pleased with myself. I take off my denim shorts and show shit close up. I smear shit on the ass. this is a super sensation.

Dont Fill Him Up, We Need To Poop Too Part 6 Nataly

In this Movie, the Slave had a Chance to touch himself, but everything went South. He told me afterwards, he came early and could not swallow anymore, but then the Girls even Pooped Oversizes and the Girls did not take NO for an Answer. You will eat it because you will Eat it.English Subtitles

Keishas First Time Wmv

Ebony big booty first timer Keisha comes over and drops a huge pile of foul shit in the toilets face. Smelled so bad she had to spray while shitting. As an added bonus we put the shit eating action in slow motion so you could hear all the sounds and see the shit really bury his face. Will be available in 720p HD, WMV and Iphone/Ipod formats.

Ariels Farts And Shit

Super sexy ass, Canadian Girl, tight ass hole, and dark brown shit! What more can you ask for?