Peeing On Their Homework

Desperate To Eat Shit!

This public toilet is the best place to go for those who would like to get their fill of shit! Everyday there’s always someone willing to donate dump to anyone desperate to eat feces! This man’s been waiting for only 30 minutes when a chick comes in to unload. She drops her panties, sits on the toilet, and ejects chunk of shit to his desperate mouth! He opens his mouth and eats her hard shit until the very last morsel!

Domestic Slave Tasted Mistress’s Fluids! – Part 2

She commanded him to open his mouth wide for some slimy spit then teaches him how to brush his teeth using her vaginal discharge by sticking her toothbrush inside her pussy and then brushing his teeth with it. Washing it off with her spit into his mouth!

Scatmeal For One P2

The toilet slave can be happy. Now Mistress Michelle has to shit. The slave lies down in position. The first turd falling into the mouth of the toilet slave. Chewing and swallowing, good. There is still snot, face slaps and his butt is whipped by Mistress Michelle. After that, the slave must wait under the bed till Lady Lisa need a toilet slave.