Peeing Ourdoor

Magical Toilet Slave Transformation

This is custom request. Watch my magical transformation! You wanna be such a piece of shit, which I ate at the beginning! You are what you eat. Go on, fucking eat my shit, you pathetic freeloader–you think I won’t make you? So eat my shit unless you wanna be HOMELESS, dipshit! Take it, open your mouth and chew it down–I wanna see you working your jaw as you chew–I wanna see you swallow! I’m dumping you, you fuckwit, with a DUMP. You wanna be my shit? Well then, you’re not gonna be my useless boyfriend anymore–you’re gonna be my SHIT! How? Just look…

Shitting In Hot Pants

Morning shit and you look at

Fuck And Pee

Autumn gives a great blowjob and takes a fucking before being pissed on. She then pisses into his mouth.