Peeing Panties Girlsblow

Swallow Pee Pee

im lookin so sexy and oiled up i need to pee and i know you want to see my golden shower so i pee in a cup and then the smell and look, looks so delicious so i drink some and then have some drip out since you love that nasty shit haha come get wet with me nasty boy!

Poop In A Tub

lots of poop ; pee then smearing it on my tits

Call Of Nature P1

The slave cleans just the room as Mistress Michelle and Lady Marie arrive. Immediate needs the slave to lie down on the floor because Lady Marie must urgently shit. Today it is also a bit softer than usual, almost diarrhea, hahaha. But no matter, the toilet slave has to swallow. Then Mistress Michelle peeing in the mouth of the toilet slave and sits down on the toilet seat.

Shitting In Your Mouth

I will shit into your mouth and you will swallow ist. All of it!