Peeing Poop Shit Cat Piss Toilet

Monsteschiss In The Morning

I just got up and I’m about to get ready now I could not stop myself so urgently so I grab my phone very quickly and make a little video for you

Eat My Smelly Shit You Worm!

And the next all-absorbing toilet slave who has applied to me, to serve me as a living-loo. First, I spit the worm in its mouth before he got to swallow a fat-charge of my Spicy-pee. After that I pooped a fat portion of my Smelly shit into his slaves mouth. He has this, then completely swallowed, and that he actually eats the whole shit, I fed him with a spoon. As a reward, I have blown his cock deep and he splashed off in a very short time!


Watch Mistress Esme push out some yummy creamy caviar. Real up close and personal.