Peeing The Bed

A Healthy Slave Menu

After a long working day my slave earned a good meal – the naturally completed in mistress style.Of course he was allowed to help me with the preparation of the meal and I let him go to get a toilet chair.He lay down and got it right into his greedy slave mouth, a really big one.Bunch of shit, nice vomit and pee as it belongs for a good slave menu.But see for yourself and feel with him, because life as a real slave is just not a piece of cake.

Dirty Feetworship

Worship my feet while I shit in your face ,-)

Slave Slurpped The Poop! – Full Movie

The girls run a legitimate operation – they provide willing slaves to clients who take pleasure from domination. You can see right now how they train their slaves. The boys are chained and restrained to the floor or under slave toilets. The girls take turns squatting over each boy’s head and make them take as much piss and shit as they can. They run a tight ship and they make sure that they boys will obey anything and eat all the scat that comes with the job.

Super Diarrhea Mudbutt Drops, Farts And Explosions!!

My Homegirl Lil Boo is a cool ass chick. She’s a super cute Dom Lesbian who when you get her out her tomboy attire is actually a very cute chick. She’s down for the cause to allow all you fellow ebony toilet fiends out there watch her handle her buisness!! This was just a nonstop explosion of gas and ass music!! It was like she was blowing the trumpet with her ass!! Plenty of loud, bassy farts, stomach gurgles and of course plenty of shit being dropped!! She got the bubbleguts and she lets you enjoy her pain!!! THIS IS MY FAVORITE CLIP