Peeing Underwear

Toilet Time 20

Those of you like seeing thick and yet creamy turds slowly slithering out of my ass must not miss this one! You will love seeing this very natural yet behind the curtain act that we girls usually don’t do in front of you. We are so cute and sexy and yet we are also capable of slowly pushing out such long and creamy turds 🙂

I’ve Already Done Neither

Where does because again the crap ?! I had crapped so much yesterday! Look to what wants to get out there … close-up at the end, including

Fast Shit In Between

But since I had to urgently … poop still camera with this case had to be

Waiting My Poo…..

229.2 Today is very difficoult to use my toilet slave because….. nobody can see my turd! But staing under my ass looking for it is a beautiful sensation! Now I’m speacking italian because I’m very angry… i feel my poo inside but i can not do it!!!! MP4