Peeing Wet And Messy

Second Step Toilet Slavery

My slavegirl learned the taste of my shit. It’s time to learn to eat it. The second lesson of toilet slavery – If the slavegirl does not want or can not eat shit, it is necessary to push it deeper into the throat. Chokes but swallows, starts to eat, my shit. Yes. My method works

Piss, Vomit, Snot And Shit

If you’re unlucky, your mistress not only disposes of her piss and shit in your throat, all bad comes at once you have to swallow her vomit and snot, you’ll be used just as carelessly as an ordinary toilet key. Are you ready for a miserable life ruled by a mistress like Lady Domi?

Scatdinner With Vomit

Two Pornstars in a full uncut never seen before version of shit eating and vomiting afterwards. Those girls really get into it, and get scat crazy….

Anna Teilor Urgently Has To Pee…!

Anna Teilor has a filled bladder and really needs to go to the toilet – but the door is shut tight and seems to be locked! Nervously she searches for the key – and eventually finds it! She is soo happy and opens the door to the toilet very fast. Now she can raise her dress and finally start to pee! You can easily hear and see how much relieved she feels now…!