Peep Chinese Sex Girl

Full Toilet Slave Training #02

For months my slave has been begging me to allow him to serve as my toilet… Fine, if that’s what he wants! This is my 2nd full-toilet training session with him. After he almost puked on me during the first session I decided to take it a little slower to get him used to the taste. I present him with a log of shit on a plate, make him smell and taste it while keeping a safe distance. I push his face into my poo and encourage him to take a bite. He was able to take a few very small bites and kept them down. Still a long way from eating a whole turd and being a good toilet but it’s progress nonetheless.

Eat The Shit Of Domi

Domi makes her slaves suffer for lack of discipline. She whips him, spits into his slaves mouth and uses him as a toilet. He has to swallow her piss and then eat her shit.

Shitting In The Bed

Today I’ll show you the beauty of my well-groomed feet. You will see from different angles my big ass and my thighs. You really want me to shit in your mouth. Well, get ready to enjoy of my evening diarrhea. This will be your dinner. I shit right on the bed. Now my ass is dirty and my toilet slave must be clean my ass and lick. I’ll sit on his face and smother him from my big dirty ass. Only lick and swallow my shit.

Boss Babe Visits The Shit Hole

She goes to the kinky shithole because she’s all stressed up at work. She finds a willing mouth for her stinking scat. She hikes up her skirt and pees on his face. She unloads her chunk of shit and makes him devour it.