Peep Hole Secret Cam Lesbian

Rubberdomme Fetishplay Part 3 – Pussy Terror

Actually, you do not care about us, slave. But you’re still tied up and your mouth is open when we command it. Lady Raquel has to pee urgently and pulls her panties aside, then the Golden Shower starts. Do you also deserve the pee of Dominatrix Lady Vampira or do you not benefit as a Human Toilet? While I pee in your face, my girlfriend plays on my tits and you look at the dirty games again as a cuckold. We smoke another cigartte and you serve as Human Ashtray, before we leave you and as horny latex lesbians only have fun with the fucking machine ..

Hot Public Piss On The Highway!

On the way from my riding hour on a horse (see video: When pissing off, in the barn, caught!) Squeezed my bladder again! So I stopped right next to the highway, in the middle of the view of the many drivers who were traveling on the road. Got my short skirt lifted, me with bare ass and boots, Hocked, and horny pissed! Came a beautiful horny beam of my wet and pierced pussy. I love it!

Nurse Shit Eating Instructions

I am wearing my very tight, low cut, sexy nurse’s outfit and I walk into your room. You are my patient and i’m doing a standard check up asking how you’re feeling when I notice you still haven’t eaten any food. “Come on, I need you to eat something, you need to build your strength” I say. “I know hospital food isn’t the best, but luckily I know how to make it much tastier”. I lift up my skirt and pick up your first course, a few grapes, off your plate and put them in my ass. Then I push them out back onto the plate. One of the grapes comes out completely embedded in a big log of shit. I show it to you, picking it up in my bare hands, commenting on how delicious it will be. Then I do the same thing with your main course (mini sausages and carrots) and your dessert (a few skittles). Each thing I insert and push out comes out coated in shit. I show the plate at the end with its shit coated food, a big log of shit with the grape embedded in it and pee all around the plate too for a drink. I tell you how delicious your dinner is going to be now, and encourage you to eat it for me.  If that doesn’t make you want to eat it, I don’t know what will!

Slave Eats It All Ipod/iphone

Mistress Rayven sits on her slaves mouth and gives him a nice feeding and he eats every bit.