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Scat Squatting Over A Plastic Bag

I squat over a plastic bag naked and take a big long shit. You cab see as it slowly comes out of my sxy tight young asshole. I look so great squatting over the bag and doing something so nasty and filthy.

Peeing In The Frying Pan

Peeing in the frying pan (JJ000489)

Legs Spread Wide Open On The Toilet!

I haven’t done a clip sitting on the toilet in a while and in this one I spread my legs wide open for you, placing one foot on the door knob while I shit out huge turds into the toilet. After shitting and pissing, I flush to let you see the goodies go down the drain…I know you wish you had those nice smelly turds right in your hands, playing with them and masturbating…you nasty boy 🙂


Baby is farting shy;)