Peeping Hotel Japan

Shit In A Bowl6

My stomach is full of shit. I want to get rid of it. I can not stand it any longer. My toilet is closed. I’ll take the bowl. With my ass and shit, to be a powerful current. I’m fine I’m satisfied with the result.

Rubber Mask P2

Now it goes under the toilet chair. The slave obediently opens his mouth and shortly afterwards pees and shits Mistress Michelle in his toilet mouth. In the end, he does not really want to eat the shit, as show Mistress Michelle him just the cattle prod and turn it on. As you can see immediately, what causes this thing for a respect.

Sugar Hill’s Pooting, Peeing, And Plopping!!

Sugar Hill is back for more!! Enjoy as she brings a nice mix of toilet action. Over a Half dozen clips of peeing, pooting, and Ploppage!!! Enjoy as she spreads that massive ass in several scenes reverse kanga style to show the plops shooting out in the bowl. In a few enjoy as she puts that big booty right up in front the camera to let out some big farts!!!

Playing Footsie With Soft Shit

Yes, Mistress Raw Desires is playing footsie with some soft shit that recently came from out of her PHAT juicy ass. She puts her shitty feet so close to the lens you can stick your tounge out and fantasize about licking the shit off her toes.