People Watching Each Other Peeing

Lesbian Games In Shit3

I shit on the body of a friend. Now we caress each other and lubricate the shit on the bodies. My girlfriend spread her legs wide and I fucked her with a vibrator. it really inspires us. My friend and she smeared their shit. Now we fuck each other threesome in the ass. We stand in a dog pose. We want this. We are satisfied with their wishes. Now we go to the bathroom and wash ourselves with shit.

The Mistress Martitna Took The Feces To The Slaves After The Movement

Martina runs on the treadmill for a long time and lets the slaves clean up their shoes and socks. Urinate and shit to the slave, and then clean the goddess’s anus.

Mistress Emily – Shit Looseness Into The Toilet Mouth

On the eve of the new delicacies from the mistress, the slave is ready to lick my dirty shoes with his tongue and swallow my spits. The slave is just my toy and should not have desires and whims. He must do what I want with no end. For example, if I want to get my ass was licked, the slave must do it. So in this video, the slave first licks my asshole and then I shit in his toilet mouth. A stream of my diarrhea drips down his face. He feels these terrible smells and should not be disgusted. But only enjoy and tolerate humiliation from the mistress Emily.