Pervert Pee Per

Ebony Jewel’s Getting Poppin’ And Ploppin’!

Ebony Jewel was Dropping em Heavy in this pair of clips!! She was sitting around the house after eating a bunch of food, and caught the urge to go take a big shit!! Enjoy as she has a little fun with it, beginning with a sexy twerk while filming her plops, sharts and splashes from overhead!!! She wasn’t done after her 1st dump, as she returns a hour or so later to get right to buisiness!! Dropping a seemingly endless amout of splashes into the bowl!!! Ebony Jewel is back and better than ever – putting more and more content!!

Lady M Facesitting And Shit On Plate

Lady M shoot another scat feeding movie today. She enjoy to have her shoes worshipped, beating her slave, slapping him, trampling him, ballbusting him and also face sitting him….She done everything of them today, before she feed him with her shit from a plate. Again a kinky and dirty movie. The perfect Romanian Bizarre Domme !

Barefoot Mistress Tramples And Sprays

A sexiest male co-worker doesnt treat this new female employee with enough respect. To teach him a lesson she tramples him under her barefeet and he cowers into submission. Now she has him exactly where she wants him as she squats over him before unleashing a strong stream of golden piss right into his mouth and then commands him to consume every last drop. He has been taught a lesson and in future, he will show more respect and obey her every instruction.