Petite Teen Piss Masturbate

Kana 2 In 1

Pooping big twice and eating a snack in-between.!

5 Mins Huge Pulsing Prolapse Full Rosebud!!! Yummy!

Over 5 minutes long!! I poo little hard turds even though it’s felt like I had to poo soooo badly! I am laying in the birthing position and pushing and pushing and have a HUGE PULSING PROLAPSED beautiful rosebud! I hadn’t been feeling well and hadn’t been eating much but I felt like I needed to take the biggest poop!! My belly felt really full so I got in the birthing position and push and push and my entire rosebud shows herself and pulses in and out for you. It’s so amazing! I even finger my own butthole trying to stimulate more poop to come out. It was the next day though that all the poop finally came out. And boy was it rushing out! It’s myClip called LOAD FROM HELL! And that poop really snuck up on me and I almost pooped my pants on the way in the door! It’s a nice big huge load! And oh did it feel so good to release!

Massive Diarrhea

Massive diarrhea of my mature and beautiful wife. Toilet is really full of shit.

Shitting On The Balcony

The weather is sunny and I am shitting on my balcony! Maybe my neighbour watched?