Pics On Shitting

Express Shit Delivery

Making for you a express shit delivery! ? Right from my asshole to your mouth, slave! I flirt and tease you the whole time, very excited for this special first-time for you, having my whole log of poop for you to enjoy! Do you like my stinky shit, huh? I know you like it!

Human Public Toilet Volume 5

This schoolgirl comes to use the well visited human public toilet. This girl has more solid shit for him. We can see the shit slightly stretch the asshole before landing into the waiting mouth of the hungry slave. He does his public service, consumes all and cleans his host politely.

Shitting At The Neighbors Table

My stupid neighbor I’m always on the biscuit and complaining from me I’m not the House weeks and am too loud groan when … He invited me to his apartment for sex but it did not. Instead, I gave him just shitting on the table!