Pillow Shitting

Golden Shower With Blindfold – Mp4

Pissing in my slaves mouth – unfortunately he did not see anything as I blindfolded his eyes before 😉 So he was able to concentrate on my yummy taste.

Mistress Victoria And Her Friend Using Toilet Slaves

Mistress Victoria and her friend use today their slaves in different ways.First her friend use 2 slaves in her bathroom, humiliate them, order them to worship her perfect body then pissing in their mouths. In the second part, Mistress Victoria use her pathetic toilet slave for a great diarrhea feeding lesson. She shit and piss sametime in his throat then she push her hand deep in his mouth and order him to jerk off and swallow. Shea smear all her diarrhea on his body also.

Perverse Piss-meeting With User!

Had met with a user who wanted to make nasty and perverse piss games with me! No problem, first I pissed him a lush Piss beam in his mouth! Then he ha me a big load of piss in my mouth bitch, face and hair, pissed!

Coocing And Pooping Part 6 Diana

While working in the kitchen, the Girl needs a Chair. Hey Slave, you will be my chair. Sitting on this Pigs Face makes the Girl want to poop. Meaning, hey open wide, here it comes.. Part 6 DianaEnglish Subtitles