Pink Daugther Bizzarre Farting

Merit Shit Breakfast

This is breakfast for my toilet! I cook and serve at the same time, like a real goddess. It is looking so delicious … and my shit smelling so wonderful. Come close and look it! I know that you want to eat that shit too, so do it now!

Princess Mia

Scat Domination Smearing.Toilet Slavery

Cleaning And Swallowing Shit From Scat Goddess Fingers

Today Scat Goddess feel horny again and need a toilet slave to eat her shit in the morning. Before she use him as a human toilet, she dominate him and humiliate him in her room using him as an ashtray, footstool, CBT, and worshipping her legs.Then she use his mouth in her bathtub and fill it with a torrent of her piss before she feed him and oblige him to swallow her precious shit.