Pis And Shit Bukkakz

Mistress Gaia – Training My New Toilet Slave Pt2

Today is the second training session with my new toilet slave. Last time he was only able to swallow, with great difficulty, 3 small pieces of my shit. Today I expect him to do much better, otherwise he will be severely punished. I tie him down on my special chair; I don’t want him to stroke his cock. He must eat my shit without getting aroused, like a true toilet.I start spoonfeeding him. It seems that he is doing better than last time; he can swallow the first, then the second, then the third piece of shit. I go on feeding him; once in he while, he seems on the brink of puking but he succeed in controlling himself. He is making progress. I realize that he is getting thirsty, therefore I pee in a baby bottle and I give it to him to drink. Now he can go on eating my shit. After a few more spoonful, he asks to drink again. Before giving him the baby bottle, I feed him a big chunk of shit. It is hard to handle and, to help him, I free one of his hands and I let him touch his cock. Finally, he can swallow everything and now he can drink up all my pee. He has behaved well, he is making good progress and may become a good toilet slave, therefore, I decide to give him a reward. I untie him and leggerla him lie down on the floor. I put a big piece of shit in his mouth and I order him to jerk-off, but he may cum only when I give him my permission!!!!!

Let’s Poop In The Bathtube!

If a person wants to be called Slave for a good reason… he must be ready to do anything for his mistress. For example he must be used to clean up with his tongue the shit I lay in the bathtube. Only if you’re ready for this, you will be worthy to become my slave!

Poop N Boots!

I know you guys have heard of Puss in Boots but this is Poop N Boots!!! LOL Anyway it was raining outside and I had to put on rain boots so I got this idea…it’s hot, just watch!

Covered The Desk With Lot Of Pee!

Limonika is a cute, shy girl – but if she starts the action she won’t stop anymore! She starts to strip in her living room and takes off her clothes. Next she spreads her hot legs standing on the glass desk – and starts to pee! First it is only a small amount of pee but after a few moments it is a big puddle! She stands in her own pee and pisses even more! Eventually she sits down on the desk and her sexy ass cheeks push away the pee undulatory. She plays with her pee and doesn’t care about cleaning – because she exactly knows: YOU will clean up the whole mess with your tongue only at the end…!